Here's The Best Burger In The Country And 99 Others That Made The List

Kevin Alexander at Thrillist got the AMAZING task of visiting 30 cities and eating 330 different burgers over a year. His mission was to find out for himself who has the legit BEST burger. If you take a look at his full article, it will make your mouth water at all of the great burger photos

Here are the places with the Top 10 Best Burgers:

1. Stanich's in Portland, Oregon - "NICK'S" CHEESEBURGER WITH GRILLED ONIONS

2. Raoul's in New York, New York - THE BURGER

3. White Hut in West Springfield, Massachusetts - CHEESEBURG, FRIED ONIONS

4. Loretta's Northwesterner in Seattle, Washington - THE TAVERN BURGER

5. Duke's Grocery in Washington, DC - PROPER BURGER

6. Knife Dallas in Dallas, Texas - THE OZERSKY BURGER

7. Mott Street in Chicago, Illinois - THE MOTT BURGER

8. Brooks' Sandwich House in Charlotte, North Carolina - BURGER WITH CHEESE "ALL THE WAY"

9. Red Coat Tavern in Royal Oak, Michigan - CLASSIC BURGER WITH SHARP AMERICAN

10. Garaje in San Francisco, California - DRIVE-IN CHEESEBURGER WITH GRILLED ONIONS

Check out Kevin's full list HERE and see which other Washington, DC, places made the list!

Photo Credit: @KAlexander03 Twitter

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