Frozen's Elsa was Supposed to be a Villain!

Peter Del Vecho, the producer behind the Disney smash hit "Frozen" has revealed to Entertainment Weekly that there were many other potential plots that didn't make the cut for the 2013 animated movie. 

For example:

- Elsa was NOT Anna's sister and she was depicted as 100% pure evil

- The reason Elsa was so evil was because she was left at the altar on her wedding day

- As a matter of fact, Anna wasn't even a princess! She was supposed to be an every-day civilian

- Hans was going to silently be portrayed as a sociopath

Clearly Elsa turned out to not be one with the dark side of movies and that has a lot to do with how Disney employees related to their own family experiences!

For all of the explanations and more plot twists, read the original article HERE.

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