OSCARS GAFFE: Moonlight Actually Wins Best Picture

In a moment not seen since the Miss Universe pageant hosted by Steve Harvey, "La La Land" was mistakenly announced as "Best Picture" at the 2017 Academy Awards telecast on Sunday night by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty.

As the entire cast and crew of "La La Land" were giving their acceptance speeches, crew members from the Oscars production ran out to check the envelope and discovered the error.

Somehow, the presenters were sent out with a copy of the "Actress In A Leading Roll" envelope, an award that went to Emma Stone for "La La Land". When Dunaway saw this, she assumed they had the Best Picture envelope and there was just a typo on the card.

It was quickly realized by those on stage that a mistake had been made, once the stage director handed them the correct card. It was then that the producer of "La La Land" announced the rightful Best Picture winner as "Moonlight".

Surprise and shock rocked the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles as the cast and crew of "Moonlight" took the stage amid all the confusion to accept their awards.

The entire event led Jimmy Kimmel to accept the blame and try to laugh the mistake away.

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