Spuds Mackenzie Is Back For Bud Light (VIDEO)


Bud Light, the Official Beer of the NFL, will debut a new 90-second Super Bowl spot as part of the brand's new campaign, "Famous Among Friends," re-introducing the brand's beloved  '80s pop culture icon and man's best friend, Spuds MacKenzie.

In the new Super Bowl spot, "Ghost Spuds," Spuds MacKenzie returns to visit an unsuspecting man, and along the way, helps him realize that sharing a Bud Light with friends is more than just drinking beers; it's about creating meaningful memories with friends.

"Bud Light has been present at memorable moments – big or small – among friends for decades," said Bud Light vice president Alex Lambrecht. "There's no one better than Spuds to celebrate Bud Light, and remind everyone that we don't just make beer, we enable moments that build and strengthen friendships."


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