Donald Trump Addresses CIA, Claims Inauguration Had "Million and a Half" Attendees

As part of his first full day as President of the United States, Donald Trump addressed the intelligence community at the CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA.

Trump, who was critical of the CIA over alleged election hacking, embraced the CIA during the speech, saying, "I am with you 1,000%" and "There is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and CIA than Donald Trump."

Later, Trump addressed the issue of the images of the more-sparsely populated Inauguration crowd on Friday versus Barack Obama's Inauguration crowd in 2009. He said he had seen the photo, and that the reports of there being 250,000 people there "was a lie." Trump claimed there were that many people alone in the bowl around the stage and that it "looked like a million and a half people."

Source: TMZ

Photo Credit: Olivier Doulier - Pool/Getty Images

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