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One of the great mysteries in life has finally been revealed! 


For generations... getting kicked in the balls has been one of the great equalizers in any situation in life which gets out of hand. A primary target for women when situations with men get out of hand, or a target for a guy as a last resort in a hostile situation, a good swift kick in the family jewels can instantly fall even the largest, most burly of men. 


But why? 


Now, we know, thanks to this doctor. 


To quote this groundbreaking article: 

When a foot (or knee or fist or errant baseball) hits a pair of testicles, a signal is sent to the brain at approximately 265 miles per hour. The brain then responds and sends an alert down the spine, into both the groin and the abdomen. The testicles brew a batch of neurotransmitters called Substance P, which are associated with both pain and the inflammation processes. The balls send Substance P through the spinal column into the the part of the brain called the somatosensory cortex, which is responsible for processing physical sensations. In this case, the physical sensation is, "Oh my god, my balls."


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