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The things you learn! 


The iconic WASHINGTON MONUMENT, standing erect in the Nation's Capital as a testament to the manhood of GEORGE WASHINGTON, the great military general who spanked the evildoer and oppressive BRITISH imperialists during what history calls the REVOLUTIONARY WAR of INDEPENDENCE of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, in addition to being a secret Masonic symbol and hiding place for secret Masonic stones and a secret treasure in Dan Brown books... also has another job... 


The Washington Monument... tells the time. 


That's right. This giant obelisk also tells time.


It's a sundial. 



"I guess this makes sense, it's a giant stone stick in a big field," said American radio presenter TOBY KNAPP at the revelation brought unto him by programming intern Michael Garrett, of the University of Kansas, otherwise known as KU. "To think, after all this time, no one realized this and said anything..." 


It's unclear if the time at the Monument is in sync with Eastern Daylight time, like the city of Washington, DC, or if it's timed to some secret Masonic-Egyptian mystical time which is counting down to the end of days.