So... while you were at work... ONE of these THREE things actually happened... For the HAIM hookup this week, with tickets to our exclusive lounge with 'em, access to their sold out shows in DC and maybe a trip to NYC to see 'em live... which one do you think is actually true? 


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Cameron Diaz... has been with WOMEN?! Yup. The superstar who once was the love of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE'S life admitted to her bi-curious ways on a TV show while promoting her new movie! 


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HARRY STYLES... ON HIS OWN? The ONE DIRECTION crooner confirmed plans that he's ditching his ONE DIRECTION bandmates as soon as this tour is done so he can "have a career like JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE" he's reportedly told friends, say sources close to the featured member of the world's biggest boyband right now. His new CD, which is in the pre-production and writing process, will be reportedly called ON MY OWN, and features a song about his time in ONE DIRECTION, called "MY DIRECTION." 



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KANYE and KIM... are ALREADY MARRIED? Yup. And, it happened over the weekend, too! The two, who don't do anything SMALL, just got legally married in a small, quiet civil ceremony with the JUSTICE OF THE PEACE in Brentwood. 


Reports say the two did so to get the proper credentials ready for their made-for-tv-wedding-special, in France, which tapes at the end of May.


So... which story is true???