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TAYLOR SWIFT'S NEW SONG... makes reference to HARRY STYLES and KENDALL JENNER! Her new song SHAKE IT OFF mentions her ex-BF and his new-GF showing up at someplace together, and so she dances and "shakes it off..." and now we know it's about the rumored couple! 



STAGED! Nicki Minaj's wardrobe malfunction was reportedly STAGED to give more drama for the MTV VMA'S! Minaj reportedly had planned the entire gimmick out with MTV producers moments before the broadcast to add some "sexy" to the show! 


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EMINEM was just nominated for a DOVE award! The DOVE award, which is like a grammy for contemporary Christian music, comes for his writing credits under his real name, MARSHALL MATHERS, on a song for gospel rapper TOBY MAC. 


So, three stories. ONE is true. Which is it? 


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