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Toby Knapp

WHILE YOU WERE AT WORK: Three stories... guess which one is true!


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JUSTIN BIEBER'S troubles continue today... as we're learning a female fan KICKED the Boy Wonder from Canada right in the NUTS after Biebs took her phone! Sources say Biebs went DOWN... and down hard... crying! She then called the cops and filed a report since Biebs took her phone thinking she took some photos of him! 


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THE CHANNING TATUM is in talks to play GAMBIT in the next X-MEN movie, adding some eye candy so yummy you could eat it with a spoon to the Marvel franchise. 


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THE PITBULGE... is a FAKE! Sources connected with Mr. WORLDWIDE say that the storied "bulge' in the pants of PITBULL is indeed an "organic enhancement" designed to create an "illusion" for Pitbull when he performs! Sometimes, it's a cucumber, others... a zucchini! 


Three stories, one is true! Which one? Click here! 





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