While you were at work... one of these three things happened... 



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DONALD STERLING, the embattled onwer of the NBA CLIPPERS, has been in the news after his racist diatribe was leaked to TMZ over the weekend and earlier this afternoon, NBA and CLIPPERS management announced STERLING will take an immediate hiatus from day-to-day ownership and management of the team for an undisclosed duration. Officials also announced STERLING will immediately enter into an intense rehabilitation program aimed at helping him overcome his issues with hatred and racism. 



JAY Z and BEYONCE are hitting the road, touring the country together as HUSBAND, WIFE... and BAE?


Word is that the superstar couple's lil' two year old cherub, BLUE IVY, will have her own mini-set during the show! Sources with LIVE NATION are mum, but we've heard that BLUE is quite the talent... already... and Beyonce and Jay are ready for the lil' one to take baby steps into the family business while they're on the road! 


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James Franco - the actor and all around Renaissance man - is now proving to the world he's no paint-by-numbers artist... in fact, the often-times misunderstood actor just released NUDE PAINTINGS he's made of fellow actor and "bro" SETH ROGEN via his INSTAGRAM account! Click here to see more, and be aware, they're NSFW-ish! And, for the record, who knew the family jewels were that color of crimson!?! 


So... which one is true???? 


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