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MILA KUNIS, the pregnant fiance of ASHTON KUTCHER dished about her pregnancy cravings, which include Peanut Butter covered Cheese Enchiladas and Tostito Chips dipped in Jelly and Strawberry Jam! 


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KIM KARDASHIAN... REJECTED by the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! This week, in LA for some awards dinner, the US Secret Service and more made sure the future wife of KANYE WEST stayed FAR AWAY from The Leader of the Free World! The POTUS is clearly not a big fan and there was no way that photo was ending up ANYWHERE! 


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JAMES FRANCO spent today comparing himself... to ELVIS. Why? Because he's JAMES FRANCO. 


Three stories, one is true... figure out which one, and go see LORDE at PREAKNESS! 


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