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JAY Z is set to be KANYE WEST'S BEST MAN! When the YEEZUS WALKS down the aisle in France at his ceremony with KIM KARDASHIAN, The JAY Z will be there to meet him, as the superstar's best man! 


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JAMES FRANCO is said to be considering rehab as the actor struggles to get a grip on life following a string of bizarre incidents, ranging from trying to hook up with a 17-year-old fangirl to posting naked photos of himself this morning on Instagram. 




Photos of the TOPLESS spare-heir to the British Throne, HRH PRINCE HARRY of WALES, have emerged from his US trip to Miami, and now, this gay bar in the UK is using his likeness to promote the establishment! 


Harry spent some time in Nashville, where he toured the home of the KING, Elvis Presley. 



So... three stories... one true... which one is it?