"Are you real," the woman asked. 


The Leader of the Free World, US President Barack Obama went for a walk the other day to some meetings at the Department of the Interior, and along the way, he chatted up tourists, Americans, DC residents and more. 


He even gave a few kids some White House M&M's. Chances are good they probably weren't eaten. 


Some people thought he was some wax figure. Others thought he was a look-a-like, although, in this town, look-a-likes don't walk with a complete Secret Service detail, snipers, assorted other law enforcement agencies and waiting armored vehicles within just a few feet. 


"How's business," Obama asked a tourist food truck vendor who was clearly in some sort of shock. 


He didn't pick up a t-shirt with his likeness on it, or a cold pop. But the vendor did say business was "good..." 


Motorcades are a regular thing in DC... but for a President to just go for a walk... now that's something you don't see every day. And despite your political leanings or feelings, running into the President out for a walk on a Spring day... is a pretty cool thing. 


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HT: Lindsay Holst, The White House.