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Think for a second about how much you make on the job. 

Is it more than $90,000 USD per year? 


If it's not, you might consider driving for UBER-X... because this story says that people who drive for the on-demand-pre-arranged-ride service are raking in the bucks... to the tune of up to $90,000 per year in NEW YORK CITY! 


The ride service, which is exploding around the world - and which has virtually stomped the traditional taxi-ride service with cleaner black cars and SUVS driven by professional drivers, allows for people with more 'normal' cars - like Hundayis, Hondas and whatnot, to pick up people in need and give 'em a lift to where-ever they need to go. 


And they're getting paid. 


When you think that most cabbies have to struggle for over 18 hours a day to pay a RENT on a cab of over $100 per day to some third party who gives 'em a car... a service like UBER isn't just attractive... 


... it's a force. And it's a force which will probably end up bringing about the end of TAXIS as we know them now! 


And that can't be a bad thing! 


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