Today, in cities around the world, UBER is dishing out ICE CREAM and GELATO on DEMAND! 


No kidding. We're talking GLOBAL. 


From Abu Dhabi to Zurich, with Dallas, DC, Shanghai and more inbetween, the company which disrupted personal transportation, is facilitating the delivery of said tasty ice cream goodness as a way to stoke the embers of goodwill!  


Click here to see cities where you can UBER your ICE CREAM today! 


Don't worry about needing some cash to pay for the ice cream, either. Uber will bill it right to the card on file with your UBER account. 


It's. That. Simple. 




No matter where you are in the world, nothing captures the sweetness of a sunny afternoon better than ice cream. Friday, July 18th, we’re serving up cold treats on demand in 144 cities, in 38 countries, on 6 continents.


  • Ice Cream will be available on Friday, July 18th.
  • To request, choose the Ice Cream option in the app. If a vehicle is available, you’ll be enjoying your desserts in minutes.
  • No cash needed—your order will be billed to your Uber account.

Demand will be very high and availability limited.

Be a part of the #UberIceCream community worldwide—share your refreshing experience on Twitter and Instagram!

The Uber Team