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Ah... Summer. When the season goes straight muggy and humid, millions from around the world descend on the Capital City of the Free World... Washington, DC. 


Alas, there are things these people - called 'TOURISTAS' by the locals - need to know about the epicenter of Freedom... things which you know if you live here, but you don't know if you're not from here... or if you just move to an area and are trying to act like you know... but really don't.


Locals can see and hear through that BS... but if you want a bit of help to seem a bit more like you're all down with the DC and the DMV, you might want to peep this list right here. 


Thanks to THRILLIST, here are 22 things which have to be explained to the clearly out-of-town folk about Washington, DC! 


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It contains nuggets of goodness, like, as to why our food trucks are greater than yours. See, DC has the GREAT CHEF JOSE ANDRES... and others don't. And... he's got his PEPE food truck... which is GOURMET GOODNESS on WHEELS! 


Oh, and there's no NORDSTROM at the National Mall. Try Crystal City.