There are times I wonder what dreams my 10-year-old lil' one, Kyla, has...


I wonder if it's true -- that little girls dream of princes and princesses, being treated like a princess... having a prince charming sweep them off their feet... a royal wedding... 


I wonder what Kyla dreams... so many times, when falling asleep, I find myself wondering what it is she's dreaming about as I chase my own land of dreams. 


I'm here to tell you that when you're a daddy of a little girl, you have dreams, too.


You dream of what she'll want to be when she grows up. You get lost hoping - even praying - that your own relationship sins and failings won't one day catch up with you, causing her to suffer the very heartache that in life, you know you've caused to others who have 'loved' you.


And you dream of one day walking her down the aisle... handing her off to a person you hope is her "someone..." Her "happily ever after..." 


That's why this story really kinda hit me today. When you click the link, you'll read that her daddy... is dying of stage four pancreatic cancer. He won't have that chance to live... that dream. 


And that's when this photographer, a pastor and more stepped in to make the dream come true. 


There really is something about the daddy-daughter relationship. It's changed my life. Forever. As I'm sure it's changed yours. 


Thanks for reading.