Over here at the station, we hear about bullies all the time. As a dad, I hear about bullies... and watch intently hoping my daughter doesen't become one of these people I've grown to despise. 


Bullies. They make me nauseous. 


I've heard the comments myself about, well, myself. They sting. And while I may or may not deserve to be bullied or whatnot about things in life, what I can't abide by is someone getting bullied for things out of their control.


Like, for instance, this mom. She's had five kids. She was at the beach, for the first time in YEARS... and some fools bullied her over her stretch marks.


Marks EARNED in the process of carrying CHILDREN and bringing them into the world. 


I love how she dealt with these fools. Read more here, thanks to Huffington Post... and remember the lessons you find in these words.