This guy - according to MTV's CATFISH - is the worst kind of con artist!



 The MTV show which once focused on catching online 'FAKERS' who hid behind fake pics and videos to con other people for love and romance found online, graduated, as it were, to busting real-life cheats and con-artists... and tonight - they busted out a con artist who said he worked with KANYE WEST, a guy of the sort of con artist who flips tax ID numbers like water and who never pays off bills to creditors whom get screwed by some sort of whacked out ways. 


That's right. CATFISH now targets real-life con-artists. So if your car is out for repossession by the SNATCHER TRUCK, or if you're constantly paying your landlord late... or if you're way late making that 'loan' you took from that 'loan' company back... you might wanna watch this... and make whatever you can right... quick! 




KIDD COLE - a so-called DC-based music producer - seemingly conned this woman from Philly into setting up some promotions for him. Later coo-berated by local press and paparazzi, we learned that this COLE was nothing more than a CON ARTIST with connections which were, to be honest, totally BS. 


This COLE even conned the famed widow of BEN ALI, the proprietor of the famed BENS CHILI BOWL - a DC landmark - with some flowers and more... all for a photo. 



MTV's show undressed, spanked and exposed this COLE, who reportedly is now living with mom in DC - and who will no doubt be facing charges... and bill collectors... in the coming weeks. 


Many of these con-artists are at work all over the US. They talk a big game, spend like they 'have' something... but in reality are broke and have borrowed virtually anything they say they have. Do you know anyone like this KIDD COLE? Maybe you know of this COLE... who is full of the shade and whatnot. 


If so... discuss.