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Toby Knapp

MILEY CYRUS: Say what you will about her antics, you can not deny her heart... and here's proof!



I'll admit that there have been times when we've been overtly judgmental of Miley Cyrus, and when I say "we" I mean those who present on the radio or who blog on these sorts of sites. 


See, it's easy to hate on a trainwreck. But I've also said that Miley is far smarter than anyone is giving her credit for... and that she knows exactly what she's doing. 


I stand by that. Miley's been in the 'business' a long time. Her management people 'in the business' have been in the 'business' doing this sort of thing for a long time. 


She knows what she's doing. 


And now we know she's not lost her heart. 


This is the Southern girl with a big Southern heart I know. And I'm proud of her for being her. 


Good job, Miley. This is just amazing. 




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