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And when JENNIFER LAWRENCE and her lawyers says they'll prosecute ANYONE who publishes these naked photos which seem to have been hacked and found their way onto the 'net, we're not gonna test this ridiculousness. 


However, news is news. And someone - or some organization - is hacking the EFF OUT OF THE FAMOUS and posting their most intimate of photos on the web. 



See, LAWRENCE, ARIANA GRANDE... Kate Upton and more... have had their "naked goods" jacked and posted to the web by some sort of hackers... on REDDIT, they're calling it... the FAPPENING... and we've seen the photos some of these people have posted... and damn. DAMN. 


At some point, it stops being, "he he he we got someone's nudie pics..." and starts to become a very serious invasion of privacy. 


See, celebs are people, too. And these aren't some paparazzi photos. 


These are private photos. Taken all selfie style. Never meant to be seen... 


... but now, put on full frontal blast. 




... and we don't mess with hackers. Or rich celebrities. So we'll leave it at that.