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Toby Knapp

GETTING PAID: LA Man makes nearly ONE BILLION DOLLARS procrastinating!


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APPLE just announced officially - pending regulatory approval - that they're indeed buying BEATS audio, including the BEATS Music service - for a cool THREE BILLION DOLLARS... 


... and that means DR. DRE - who last released a CD in 2001 - pockets nearly $750 MILLION DOLLARS from his investment in the company which bears his name. 


Not a bad payday for not having to do your day job - making music - for over a decade. Not a bad payday at all. 


What does this mean for the long-awaited DETOX CD? 


That's all on DRE... but he's got ONE BILLION DOLLARS now so if it happens, it will pretty much be whenever the FFFFFFFF he wants it to happen! 


HT: The SLATE who NAILED it with this post. 

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