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APPLE is reportedly thisclose to snapping up BEATS BY DRE - the audio and app/content company headed by Dr. DRE and JIMMY IOVINE + TRENT REZNOR of NINE INCH NAILS... for a cool $3.2 BILLION DOLLARS! 


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"This move, if it happens, will make Jimmy and Dre RICH AS EFF," proclaimed American radio presenter TOBY KNAPP in his Apple-technologically-enhanced studio this afternoon. "OH MY GAWD..." 


The move will more than propel APPLE's iTUNES RADIO offering to a new level. Now, the former radio programmers working for BEATS will now be part of the APPLE team, and, it's assumed the audio hardware and technology will be absorbed by APPLE, which will take everything they make from EarPods to Macs - to a new level! 


Needless to say, this makes things interesting in the online-music-and-radio-media-and-entertainment world... that's for sure. 


It's unclear if this move will usher in the release of Dre's DETOX, however.