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Ferguson, Missouri has been in the news over the last 72 hours for reasons which are deplorable, sad... and worth paying attention too. 


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The images you see here aren't from Gaza. Or Israel. Or Iraq. 


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They're from Ferguson, Missouri. 


Cops on patrol with more military gear than our troops in parts of Iraq or Afghanistan would be wearing. Reporters getting arrested, and rounded up and held at gunpoint by POLICE at McDonalds. Peaceful protesters rounded up. Tear gas deployed against AMERICAN citizens in their front yards. Police roadblocks preventing people from entering and exiting a town. 


These photos don't lie. 


Click here and inform yourself about what's happening in OUR COUNTRY right now. 


Now, some, as is the case, are using this flashpoint in a small, rural American town as an excuse to steal and loot... and this is wrong. Protesting an injustice is not a reason to commit criminal acts. In doing so, one becomes no better than others who have committed an injustice in the first place. 


But nonetheless, all of this is happening in an American town near St. Louis. 


We're a better America than this.