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YEAH THREE TIMES? Probably not... 


CHRIS BROWN, the RCA RECORDING artist who has been in and out of trouble since this "INCIDENT" with ex-flame RIHANNA several years ago, just had the BOOK thrown at him, as the JUDGE in his case handed down his ruling that the BREEZY ONE should spend the next year LOCKED UP in the CLINK! 




Oh... and Hizzonor tossed in 131 ADDITIONAL DAYS, too, you know, for good measure. 


Why the extra time? Parole violations. See, Breezy allegedly engaged in some beatdown at a W HOTEL during HOWARD UNIVERSITY homecoming weekend events in DC, and, well, when you've caught a case for being hostile before, that sort of thing just doesn't go so well. 




 No doubt there is more to follow in this case. 




It's unclear what this means for his future collaborations and RCA RECORDS obligations.