There's something that stinks to HIGH HEAVEN about this Casey Kasem drama. Did you see what went down over the weekend?


.: getty:. 


Backstory: Casey is really - really - old now. Apparently, he's not able to take care of himself like he once did, so his second wife, Jean, who is younger than him, and the mother of his 23 year old daughter, Liberty, has been his primary care-giver. 


However, she banned Casey's kids, including Kerri Kasem, his daughter who has followed in her father's footsteps into the radio industry, from seeing their father. 


The family - and longtime friends of Casey - protested. Jean didn't listen. Finally, the kids and family took Jean to court - and the court then said they had to let the family see their dad. 


And so they did. 


And then Jean went all possessive again. Casey... was taken to Washington State to some place where they've been hanging out - in an effort to keep away from the rest of the family. So the court said Kerri could have full power over Casey's medical well being and whatnot - and empowered her to use non-armed private investigators - to enforce the court order. 


This must have made Jean even more cross. 




At any rate, things came to a head this weekend when Jean Kasem chucked a POUND OF GROUND MEAT out the door at Kerri when she showed up - with a court order - to bring Casey for a medical evaluation. Yelling some jibberish about King David and whatnot... the entire thing was caught on video. 


Note the Casey Kasem protection team, all dressed alike and whatnot, like they're former extras from the filming of the GREASE movies. 


Anyway, this whole thing is totally BS. It needs to come to an end. Casey's not got much longer left on this sphere. He brought joy to millions worldwide, and now, in these last hours of his life, his over-controlling and clearly paranoid wife - and the family - need to come to some sort of arrangement about things and get along... 


... because as it stands now, Jean and whatnot are making this story end tragically while taking the legend of a man who did great things and making it appear to be the laughing stock of the world, akin to a rich version of Honey Boo Boo. 


Get it together, Kasem Family. Because, this... is some bulls**t.