I just don't think you can feel bad for Sean Kingston on this one.


 .: getty :. 


First off -- you have a BENTLEY. It's an EXPENSIVE car. You got it because of what it is... A BENTLEY. An EXPENSIVE car. 


Now, let's think this through.


For a car to be out for repossession, you have to not pay for the car for over, what, 90 days? I guess the calls would start coming from the bank about 10 days past due, assuming the grace period. And then, after 30, they'd come daily. And you'd probably get some mail, too, saying, "hey... whaddup... pay up..." 


After 60, I bet they start looking around. Especially since it's a Bentley. Maybe they wait til 90 days past due before they send in the REPO MAN but whatever. I can't feel bad for you because it's not like you didn't know you weren't paying your bills. 


Bottom line - if you can't pay - don't play. Because you'll look like a fool when they come to take it away. 


And... if you're not paying... don't take the car out to PLAY when you've not paid for it, because you now look foolish tryin' to explain what happened to your expensive ride when the snatcher truck comes. 


You should have left it hidden in the garage. Or, you should have let your friend in Valencia borrow it so it's not where it would usually be. 


Actually, maybe you should have just paid the bill. 


Nope. Don't think you can feel bad for the Sean Kingston on this one.