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Guys, let's face it. When you shave, its because you want a face which feels smooth... smooth like a baby's behind... because when you take your motor boat out for a ride around the lake, who wants to deal with razor burn? 


For the last few days, I've been testing Mary Kay Men's Shaving Cream and After-Shave lotion. It's a very refreshing, pleasant shaving cream with a gentile musky scent which doesn't overpower your cologne. It is a cream, not a gel, which could be a bit different since the texture when applied is a bit different.


Overall, I give this 3.5 Smooth Baby Bums out of a possible 5.

Razor used: Gillette Fusion Power. 


Most of this is because I'm into the gel-type shaving creams, but this has not been a big disappointment. I rather like the feel of 'mixing it up' from time to time because who wants to be monogamous while shaving? 


When used with the pleasant-feeling and tingling sensation of the after-shave gel, it's a great feeling morning shave experience and it's pretty smooth, alas, the quest for perfection while shaving... continues.