Katy Perry shared a snippet of some new music with fans, which some suggest may be called “Déjà vu.”

While Katy seems to be busy in the studio, so far there’s no word on when she may be releasing a new album.

Since beyonce has a tendency to reveal things about her life with no one noticing she’s driven some of her fans to extremes, so they’re reading into every tiny choice she makes…. 

like how she’s wearing a giant EMERALD ring in her new picture.  The new theory is that emerald is meant to represent her twins’ birthstone, meaning her due date would land somewhere in May.

Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried had private photos stolen and posted online.  Amanda's show her nude, and there seems to be some intimate pictures with her ex-boyfriend. Amanda has already sent out a cease-and-desist order to at least one website that posted the pics.

Most of the Emma Watson pics show her in a dressing room trying on various swimsuits, Her rep says, quote, " They are not nude photographs.”  Her attorneys are exploring their legal options.

There's talk this could be another massive celebrity photo hack, like the one in 2014. This time around, there are also reportedly nude pictures of at least four other celebrities. . . and the word is that more are on the way.

Taylor Swift has filed 9 trademarks for the word “Swifties.”  BUT FOR WHAAATTTTTT???? 

Nashville-based company TAS Rights Management, LLC filed the trademarks on February 15th & 16th giving Taylor the license to launch a  variety of products and services under the new brand. 

One of the trademarks covers "a website featuring non-downloadable audio recordings [and] video recordings.” There was a story saying that Taylor would be launching her own Streaming service. … But a source is saying that she is not.

They also cover musical instruments, jewelry, women & mens clothing AND educational services.

Ed Sheeran recently reached out to a fan, Charlotte, who was furious that a video of her performing a cover of “Castle on the Hill” was pulled from Facebook, although he wasn’t the one who had it pulled.

Charlotte, however, didn’t realize that Ed had nothing to do with the removal and went on YouTube to complain about what happened, and took it out on Ed. (oops) The real issue is that Facebook hasn't taken any steps to license things like cover videos, where a site like YouTube has.

And even though Ed had nothing to do with it getting pulled her apologized to Charlotte. He said, “I bloody love seeing people cover my songs” and explained that it was yanked by a “bot” from his label. He also said that he was personally going to get it all “sorted out.” 

Charlotte gladly accepted Ed’s apology.