Disney and Pixar have actually been leaving adult innuendos in all of their films, even if you have never realized it, and here are some of the best ones Disney has ever included in its films!

Toy Story 2

At the end of Toy Story 2 Buzz Lightyear gets to actually talk to Jessie and becomes infatuated with her because she lives life on the edge and essential imitates the flying scene Buzz does in the first film. However, to show that Buzz was in love, Pixar has his space wings pop up when she lands the jump as if he had a boner!

Lion King

This is probably the most famous adult joke in Disney film, but when Simba tries to talk to Mufasa in the clouds in the movie Lion King, the letters "SEX" appear! This actually got so much attention that Disney came out and said the letters actually spelled "SFX!"


When the character Liguini tries to reveal the secret that Remy the rat is in his hat and helping him cook to his love interest Colette, he begins to stutter. All of a sudden instead of saying he has a rat in his hat, Liguini says "I have this tiny...little...little," and Colette's eyes flash down to his pants and back up! She was thinking he meant his man-part!

A Bug's Life

In the film, there are houseflies that kind of act like "not-so-nice people" who go to shows to try and have sex, which is why one of the houseflies asks Francis the Ladybug, "Hey cutie, want to pollinate with a real bug?"


At the very end of the movie, Aladdin and Jasmine get married inside their palace when all of a sudden the Earth begins to shake because of something outside the palace. Genie then remarks, "“I thought the Earth wasn’t supposed to move until the honeymoon."

There's way more than the ones here, and you can go HERE to start finding the trail Disney ahs left behind in all of its movies!