For a few years now, pretty much every car company has quietly stopped including spare tires in new cars.


It's so prominent, the odds are your next car WON'T have a spare tire.  And there are three main reasons why car companies are getting rid of them.


1.  It's cheaper just to include a kit to patch the tire.


2.  The weight from a spare tire hurts your gas mileage.


3.  And our favorite reason of all:  You probably don't know how to change a flat tire anyway, let's face it . . . so you don't really need a spare. 


If you DO get a flat, you'd probably just call AAA or a towing company, get towed to a garage, and THEY'D put one on.


And the CAR OF THE FUTURE will either be self-driving, or flying . . . we're still waiting . . . so THAT won't have a spare tire either.  Basically, your spare tire days are over. 



(Consumer Reports)