If you're sick of your husband hanging out with his buddies instead of you, the good news is he WILL eventually choose you.  The bad news is . . . you have to wait until he's SEVENTY.


According to a recent study, men start to appreciate time with their wives more and more when they hit their 70s.  And one reason is because they become more in touch with their feminine side, so they can relate to you better.


But the other reason is pretty simple:  It's also because that's when their guy friends start DYING OFF.  So they NEED someone else to hang out with.


The study also found that 30% of guys who stayed married for at least 50 years were still "happy" with their marriage on their 50th anniversary . . . 42% rated their marriage as "so so" . . . and 28% stayed married that long even though they were MISERABLE.



(Daily Mail)

photo credit: Yaisog Bonegnasher via photopin cc