If you've ever gone down the low carb or Atkins road, you've probably ordered that abomination known as the bunless burger.  Usually it's just a burger wrapped in a big piece of iceberg lettuce.  And it's TERRIBLE.


Well . . . the geniuses at the fast food chain Fatburger have just VASTLY improved the bunless burger experience.  And it's so brilliant and obvious, we can't believe it took someone this long.


Instead of wrapping a hamburger patty and your toppings in a piece of boring lettuce,  they use two burgers as the BUNS . . . and all the condiments, cheese, and toppings are sandwiched in between two burger patties.  No bun.  Genius.


It's clearly inspired by the KFC Double Down sandwich, which used two pieces of chicken as the bun, with bacon, cheese, and sauce in between.


Fatburger is even offering options for multiple "buns" . . . so you could use four patties or even eight patties as buns instead of two.  Remember, as long as there's no bread involved, it's considered healthy . . . right?


For now they're only selling them at one location . . . Beverly Hills, California, where Fatburger's headquarters are.  But we're hoping it'll expand to other locations soon.  Or . . . just make it yourself. 



(Los Angeles Times