It's AMAZING the effort women put in before having sex with a guy . . . because I can assure you, he takes it for granted.  A new survey found the average woman spends SIX HOURS prepping to have sex with someone for the first time.


Here are the top 10 things women do to get ready . . . although some of these don't seem totally related to having sex, so they MIGHT just be a justification to spend some money.


1.  Getting their hair done.


2.  Not eating carbs at dinner, to keep their stomach as flat as possible.


3.  Buying new lingerie or underwear.


4.  Waxing down below.


5.  Getting a facial.


6.  Tanning.


7.  Buying a new dress.


8.  Getting a manicure or pedicure.


9.  Getting new sheets.


10.  Making sure the guy doesn't DRINK too much.  



(Daily Mail)

photo credit: Today is a good day via photopin cc