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Athletes have a LOT of downtime at the Winter Olympics.  So when they aren't training or competing, they have to pass the time.  And apparently, the two big ways to pass the time are HOOKING UP and EATING MCDONALD'S.


According to 23-year-old Jamie Anderson, who's competing in snowboarding for the U.S., the app TINDER is, quote, "next level" at the Olympics.  If you don't know Tinder, it's a superficial but very effective hook-up app.


The app shows you photos of other users in the area, and if you're attracted to someone you swipe right.  If not, you swipe left.  If a person you liked also swiped right on your picture, the app connects you to chat.


Jamie says, quote, "Tinder in the Olympic Village is next level.  It's all athletes.  It's hilarious."  She says she had to DELETE the app to focus . . . she did, and won GOLD in slopestyle on Sunday.  Maybe now she can reinstall Tinder.


And when the athletes aren't hooking up, they're apparently eating McDonald's.  Athletes get FREE unlimited McDonald's . . . and, as athletes, their metabolisms are probably strong enough to handle that.


There's a photo going around of an 18-year-old U.S. skier named Torin Yater-Wallace carrying a GIANT TRAY of McDonald's sandwiches.  He even said his FAVORITE PART of being at the Olympics is the free McDonald's. 



(Valleywag / Deadspin)