If you had a few extra minutes to GET IT ON this morning, first of all . . . congratulations, and the rest of us hate you.  But other than bragging rights, check out three more reasons morning sex is good for you.


1.  It boosts your immune system.  For the entire day.  It does it by producing a certain antibody that fights off infections.  The same thing applies to SOLO action too, by the way.


2.  It relieves stress.  It's because it activates the pleasure centers in your brain . . . obviously.  And STARTING your day stress-free is especially important.


Sex might also relieve stress in the LONG RUN too though.  One study found that people were less stressed out than normal a full WEEK after they got it on.


3.  It makes you look YOUNGER.  That's because it ups your hormone levels, which gives you a "healthy glow."


In one recent study, volunteers had to guess how old people were.  And they thought the ones who were getting it on four times a week were 7 to 12 years younger than people who WEREN’T having sex.