The Snuggie is Now Legally Classified as a Blanket

A trade court has officially declared the Snuggie as a blanket instead of a robe! For years, consumers have wondered what they were really buying with the blanket/robe but it can now be known as a blanket. The court ruled this way because the Snuggie is promoted by maker Allstar Marketing Group more like a blanket than clothing.

Don't Charge Your Phones in Public Anymore

Charging your phone in public places can leave you exposed to hackers stealing your information from your phone if the power outlet is compromised. Here are some ways to avoid this from happening:

  • Try to charge your phone at home as much as possible so there's less need to charge it in public.
  • Buy a portable USB battery pack and make sure it's always in your purse.
  • Invest in a USB cord that doesn't transmit data like most charging cords.
  • If you need to charge in a public outlet make sure your phone is locked with a PIN or a password. That way your phone shouldn't pair with any device it may be connected to, according to

McDonald's Has Invented a New Straw for Their Shamrock Shakes

McDonald’s has created a straw that pairs with their chocolate Shamrock Shakes that they are giving away for a limited time in select restaurants. If you're a McDonald's collector or shake lover definitely try to pick this up. Who wouldn't a limited edition Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal (STRAW)?

Check Your Kid's Roblox to Make Sure They are Not Getting Messaged By Predators

A dad checked his kid's Roblox account to see what he was doing and found that an older man posing as a player was trying to talk to his son through the game's chat window. You have the option to set parental controls on the game from it's settings menu, so if you're a parent you might want to enable that feature.

The Oscars' Swag Bag is Worth Over One-Hundred Thousand Dollars!

Every year nominees and winners who attend the Oscars receive a swag bag that is worth tons of money and this year the gift bag's value is over $100,000! These are the highlight items from the bag:

  1. Private three-day stay at the Lost Coast Ranch ($22,000)
  2. Week-long stay at the Golden Door spa ($8850)
  3. Three-night stay at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria ($5000)
  4. 10 sessions with celebrity trainer Alexis Seletzky ($900)
  5. An Oomi ($599)
  6. 14 carat gold and diamond OM bracelet by Yogajewelz ($595)
  7. Anteater patterned handbags by Jules K. ($370-$395)
  8. Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer ($249.99)