Coffee and naps are supposed to be bitter enemies . . . totally incompatible forces that can never coexist.  OR SO YOU THOUGHT.


Studies out of both Japan and England just found that the key to a great nap is . . . drinking COFFEE right before you lie down.


Researchers found that if you drink a cup of coffee, then take a 20-minute nap, you'll sleep better AND you'll be more alert when you wake up.  In other words, coffee plus a nap is more effective than JUST coffee or JUST a nap.


Here's why:  When you're tired, it's because of a molecule called adenosine.  Sleeping and caffeine both clear out adenosine, but it takes them both a little time to get rid of it.


So if you nap during that time, you're doing double duty on clearing it out . . . which will help you wake up VERY refreshed.


But it only works if you stick to a 20-minute nap.  If you sleep longer, you'll go into the deeper stages of sleep, which will counteract all the positives.