When you tell someone a SECRET, you SUSPECT they'll eventually cave and tell their significant other.  But who knew they had THIS little self-control?


In a new survey, the average woman can only keep a secret from her partner for three hours and 27 minutes . . . the average man can only keep a secret for two hours and 47 minutes.  Here are the top 10 secrets that are HARDEST to keep . . .


1.  A friend is having an affair.


2.  Someone admits they told a BIG LIE about something.


3.  Two coworkers are getting-it-on.


4.  Someone's pregnant.


5.  Someone was arrested or is in legal trouble.


6.  Someone was lying about their job or salary.


7.  Someone is having or had plastic surgery.


8.  A friend came into a huge amount of money.


9.  Someone is in financial trouble.


10.  A friend is having trouble in the bedroom. 




photo credit: Toni Blay via photopin cc