Nothing says "the magic is gone" in a marriage like being in the bathroom while your husband or wife punishes the toilet after a big Mexican dinner.  But somehow . . . that's where couples now do their best bonding.


A new survey found that couples now spend more time together in the BATHROOM than at the dinner table.


45% of couples spend time together in the bathroom daily, whether it's brushing their teeth together, talking to each other while they get ready, or . . . yes . . . while someone is using the toilet.


Only 29% of couples eat dinner together every night.  For couples under 34, it's even lower . . . only 16% eat dinner together every night.


The survey also found that only 10% of people lock the door to the bathroom when they're on the toilet . . . the other 90% are cool with their significant other popping in to talk. 



(Daily Mail)

photo credit: pedrosimoes7 via photopin cc