"Men's Journal" recently posted a list of the most annoying things people do while they're getting it on.  Here are the top seven.

1.  Using words like "baby" too much.  Calling someone "baby" or "honey" once or twice is fine.  But if you say it over and over, it starts to sound like you're just ACTING excited.


2.  Being too commanding.  You should let the other person know what you want, you just don't want to come across like a drill sergeant.  Unless that's what they're INTO.


3.  Grabbing body parts that they're insecure about.  Maybe it's your stomach, your thighs, or some man-boob action.  But insecurity isn't sexy.  And the other person has ALREADY decided to have sex with you, so relax.


4.  Leaving your socks on.  Which is mostly something guys do.  It makes it seem like you're in such a hurry, you're not even willing to fully undress.


5.  Making the other person do all the work.  Meaning they're on top 90% of the time, and you're just lying there.


6.  Skipping foreplay.  It's something guys LOVE to do.  But it's extremely important for most women.  And yes, guys . . . ten seconds of foreplay still counts as SKIPPING it.


7.  Trying to last as long as possible.  Some guys think the longer they last, the better.  But for women, one expert compares it to being massaged in the same spot for 45 minutes.



(Men's Health)

photo credit: Today is a good day via photopin cc