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Don't feel bad for Oscar nominees who don't win, because they go home with some SERIOUS swag . . . in the form of a gift bag worth $55,000.  Here's some of what they get:


Walk Japan tour of Japan, valued at $15,000.


A "Best of Vegas" tour package worth $9,000.


$6,000 worth of Halo Natural Pet Food.  


Steamist home spa system worth $2,650.


A $500 house call from a nutritionist.


An art print worth $1,000.


Plus trips to Mexico and Hawaii, expensive handbags, jewelry and shoes, and even vodka.  


Sadly, if you're a nominee for Best Sound Mixing or Best Animated Short Film, you get NOTHING.  This gift bag is only for the losers who DON'T NEED IT . . . mainly the actors and directors.