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Both NBC and Russian TV made controversial edits to the opening ceremonies of the Olympics on Friday . . .


Near the beginning of the ceremony, a light show was designed to have snowflakes open up and form the Olympic rings.  Only one of the five snowflakes didn't open, so we got four interlocking rings and an awkward snowflake.


The people at the Russian TV network Rossiya 1 decided NOT to show that screw-up.  They spliced in footage from a REHEARSAL where the snowflake opened up correctly.


NBC decided it was fine to show the malfunctioning snowflake, but they DID cut most of the International Olympic Committee president's ANTI-DISCRIMINATION speech. 


It was probably for time reasons, since the speech was really long and slow.  But considering how much talk there's been about Russia's discrimination against gay athletes coming into the Olympics, it's kind of surprising NBC decided to cut it.


They defended their edit by saying they did leave in the key line, quote, "Olympic Games are always about building bridges to bring people together.  Olympic Games are never about erecting walls to keep people apart." 



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