Sorry guys, unless you've got a voice like BARRY WHITE, nothing you say sounds sexy.  And when you TRY to sound sexy . . . you're just embarrassing yourself.


According to a new study out of Albright College in Pennsylvania, it's actually IMPOSSIBLE for men to talk in a sexy voice.


A psychology professor had women rate the sexiness of men's voices when they talked in a normal voice, then had them do the same thing when the men tried to sound sexy.  And the men FAILED at talking sexy.


In fact, their regular voices were rated as MORE sexy than their attempts at sexy voices.


That wasn't true for women.  When women tried to talk sexy, it worked.  The most common way for women to talk sexy was basically to make themselves sound like SCARLETT JOHANSSON, bytalking in a low, breathy, hoarse voice.





photo credit: CAHairyBear via photopin cc