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Back in September of 1986, someone found a newborn baby that had been abandoned inside a Burger King bathroom in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  And that baby is now 27-year-old Katheryn Deprill.


Earlier this month, Katheryn posted a message on Facebook and asked people to share it, hoping that her birth mother might see it and get in touch.  And she also explained that she wasn't angry, she just had a lot of questions.


Well, the mother DID see it.  And on Monday, the two of them were back together for the first time in 27 years.


It turns out the mother got pregnant at 17 after she was sexually ASSAULTED.  And she hid the pregnancy from her parents, then left Katheryn at the Burger King, because she knew someone would find her there.


The mother's name hasn't been released.  But it turns out that she'd already been trying to figure out how to find Katheryn too.  And when they reunited, she also found out she's a GRANDMOTHER, because Katheryn brought along her seven-month-old son.



(WFMZ / Facebook)