News Flash:  Not everything they tell you in the movies is true.  Here's a list of Eight Things You Learned from Movies That Are Actually Lies:


Sharks are a huge threat to beaches:  Thanks to "Jaws", pretty much anyone who steps into an ocean is at least a tiny bit worried about being attacked.  And Shark Week doesn't help.


But attacks are rare, and fatalities are nearly non-existent.  In fact, the list of animals that kill more people than sharks every year includes dogs, bees, ants, mosquitoes, hippos, cows and deer.


You get one phone call when you're arrested:  Try to find this one in the Constitution.  Spoiler alert:  It's not there.  Phone rules are up to individual prisons and / or states. 


But you ARE entitled to reasonable access to an attorney.  So it's not like they can cut you off from the outside world.


Lemmings follow each other off cliffs to their deaths:  This one is Disney's fault.  A 1958 nature documentary called "White Wilderness" had a scene of a mass lemming suicide.  But apparently they COAXED the lemmings to kill themselves.


Walking on quicksand is a good way to get swallowed:  You're not likely to sink lower than your waist in quicksand . . . and it's not too hard to get out of it.  You just wriggle your legs to get them free.


Kilts are an old tradition in Scotland:  Well, they ARE old, but not as old as the movies would have you believe.  Nobody should have been wearing kilts in the Mel Gibson movie "Braveheart", because it takes place in the 13th Century.


Kilts actually came along in the 16th Century.


Igloos are the most popular home for Eskimos:  "Igloo" actually refers to ANY Eskimo house.  What we commonly think of as an igloo is technically called a SNOWHOUSE . . . and these were usually TEMPORARY.


Permanent homes made of sod, wood and stone were more common.


A small hole in a plane will cause utter catastrophe:  We've all seen it:  Somebody shoots a hole in a plane while it's in flight, and everything goes to hell.  Well, that won't happen.


The guys from "Mythbusters" proved that a small hole in a plane would do pretty much NOTHING.  Even if a window got shot out, people probably wouldn't get sucked out, like the James Bond villain Goldfinger did.


You COULD lose an arm.  But the rest of your body probably wouldn't go flying out into the atmosphere.


Skin can suffocate if it's covered in something like gold:  Speaking of the movie "Goldfinger", there's a scene where a woman dies because her whole body is painted gold, so that her skin can no longer breathe.


Well, you don't breathe through your skin.  As long as your mouth or nose is unobstructed, you'll be fine.  Unless the paint is TOXIC, of course.