"Cosmopolitan" has come out with a list of things that women THINK men care about . . . but they really don't.  Listen up, and see if you agree . . .    


1.  If you don't shave your legs every day.  YOU might notice a bit of stubble, but he doesn't.


2.  If you're not wearing makeup.


3.  If you want to hang out with your friends without him.  He'll probably appreciate the alone time.


4.  What you look like "downstairs."


5.  How big your boobs are.  No guy has ever said, "I met this amazing woman, she's everything I want . . . except for her boobs."


6.  How much money you make.


7.  Whether or not you've had a mani-pedi.


8.  That you have bodily functions. The only thing worse than burping or letting one out is making a big deal about it. 




photo credit: Brandon Christopher Warren via photopin cc