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At this point, no Justin Bieber headline is too unbelievable...except that he tried to get baptized over the weekend. "Page Six" is reporting, however, that the trouble 19-year-old spent Saturday looking for a Manhattan property with a private pool to do a baptism-like ceremony with the Hillsong Church in the city. 

“Justin and his team spent time on Saturday searching for a place with a pool where they could conduct a baptism for him, a cleansing ritual, with the Hillsong Church," a source said. "But they couldn’t find a place in time.”

This shouldn't come completely out of left field, though. Biebz has a pastor as part of his posse. “Justin is serious about his Christian faith, and after recent events, he needed to take a pause,” another source said. 


Maybe all that praying is helping Biebz. One of the mounting legal woes facing the 19-year-old has disappeared. Bieber's former bodyguard dropped the lawsuit for assault and battery he allegedhappened after a 2012 concert. A trial had been scheduled for February 18th of this year, but "The Hollywood Reporter" says the parties involved last week filed paperwork to dismiss the suit without prejudice. Let's see where his three other criminal cases end up.