On a Delta flight Friday night from Baltimore to Salt Lake City, a  If a woman on a plane asks you to join the MILE-HIGH CLUB with her . . . you say "Yes."


On Friday, a drunk woman on a Delta flight from Baltimore/Washington International Airport to Salt Lake City asked the stranger sitting next to her if he wanted to GET-IT-ON.  When he turned her down, she responded by FREAKING OUT.


Her name and age weren't released, but from the videos we've seen she looks to be in her early 40s . . . with super-short hair and beefy arms, if that explains anything.


She was yelling, screaming, and so out of control that the flight attendants had to HANDCUFF her.  Then the plane was diverted to Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, where she was escorted off the plane by the police.


A police spokesman confirmed she was, quote, "very intoxicated and grabbing at passengers", but didn't release any more info.  She could be facing federal charges.


The flight went on to Salt Lake City and landed about an hour-and-a-half late. 



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